Virtual and Augmented Reality

We are VR Ready!

For our customers, we are able to convert a project or model into a virtual reality environment. You get a perfect spatial perception close to reality, whether it is a photorealistic model of an archaeological site, a 3D CAD model of technology or an information model of a building. Get to know the actual state of the object or the proposed changes without the need for a physical visit. Introduce your project to customers in breathtaking proportions.

Augmented Reality (AR)

For mobile devices we offer attractive augmented reality. Exhibitions, fairs, or monuments can use a QR code, load your digital model that is interactive with the real environment on the display of a smartphone. This will show virtual objects that they would otherwise not be able to touch: an architectural design, a prototype of a product, or a historical layer of a building. At home, office, or school, place a model from the web right in front of you on the table.