Volume calculation

The main objective of the volume calculation is to determine how much material has been extracted or imported in a particular area and whether this volume corresponds to the expectations or data indicated in the register. The volume is determined by the difference in topographies from the two survey stages or by the difference between the survey and the projected value.

Thanks to 3D laser scanning and unmanned aerial mapping methods, volumes of fine and/or bulk materials or dangerous or inaccessible places can be very precisely and contactlessly targeted. An indisputable advantage is the speed of measurement.

Main areas of use for calculation of cubic meters:

  • earthworks
  • landfill management
  • material transfer
  • surface mining

Several methods can be used to calculate volumes. The easiest way is to work with digital terrain / surface models (DTM / DSM). To create them, we use data obtained from photogrammetry (ground and aerial) or 3D laser scanning. Thanks to the complex survey with a significant number of points, the resulting 3D models are minimally generalised (simplified). Therefore, the calculated volume has a maximum error of up to 1% of the determined volume. Which is unachievable when measured by a total station or GNSS apparatus.

The customer receives numerical outputs from us about volume changes in the specified location or object and graphic outputs such as the base map of the quarry and the difference map. If aerial photogrammetry is used to get data for volume calculation a detailed orthophotomap is also included. All these outputs can also be obtained by the customer online without the need to have any specialized software for viewing 3D data.

Advantages of volume calculation based on unmanned aerial mapping

  • fast data collection
  • suitable for large areas
  • contactless method

Advantages of volume calculation based on terrestrial 3D laser scanning

  • fast data collection
  • high survey accuracy (up to 0.1 m³)
  • independence from climatic conditions
  • contactless method

Our company holds a mining license in the scope of mining survey activities. The mining documentation processed by us meets all the requirements according to the Czech Mining Authority Decree No. 435/1992 Coll.