3D Maps

3D map of Prague city district Dejvice

In comparison with classic 2D maps, 3D maps bring an extra dimension in order to make user’s orientation easier. The main quality and benefit of the 3D map is reliable interpretation of surface and architecture in concerned area. In case of repeated mapping of particular area over a time, 3D maps capture all the changes in very accurate way.

3D maps can be included in geographic information system (GIS) and used in order to plan infrastructure and development. They become very popular mainly thanks to high information value that is close to reality of concerned area. This is why 3D map can be used to clearly represent particular locality allowing users to get a realistic idea of the place even if it is situated on the opposite side of the Earth.

Creation of 3D Map

A basis for the 3D map creation is aerial photography. The processing of such map is more time-consuming than common 2D mapping. Accuracy and credibility of the final 3D map depend on the resolution of taken photographs. Higher resolution makes 3D map creation more expensive and time-consuming, but also the volume of information that is possible to get from the final map increases at the same time.

Smaller areas – up to a few hectares – can be mapped in high resolution by UAVs. Regions of several square kilometres are photographed by conventional airplanes, all within few days.