3D Maps (DEM)

We can create high-quality Digital Elevation Models (DEM) for you in any coordinated system and scale. DEM may vary in the amount of detail captured and in the way the terrain is presented. So, what kind of modeling do you choose?

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

The Digital Terrain Model focuses only on the lay of topographical surfaces. Therefore, all superfluous elements such as buildings, vegetation and others are filtered out from the targeted surface. Such modeling is especially important for hydrological, geological, and archaeological applications applied to geographical information systems (GIS).

Digital Surface Models (DSM)

The Digital Surface Model is a detailed copy of the targeted terrain. The shape of georelief is complemented by all natural and artificial elements that are connected to the terrain (trees, vegetation, buildings, and other objects...).

This model is mainly used for 3D modeling of cities and landscapes for urban planning and development purposes or visibility analysis of GIS. A variety of visualizations can also be generated from the model.

Structure of the Digital Elevation Model

Digital Elevation Model is most often formed by triangular networks. DEM can be presented in the form of wireframe, monochromatic surface or areas filled with photorealistic texture. Thanks to the texture, an almost perfect digital copy of the real world is created.