3D Scanning of Components

CAD model of a turbine paddle created on basis of laser scanning output

A special case of dimensional documentation of smaller objects is the 3D laser scanning of components and engineering parts. Major use is mainly in partial disciplines of engineering industry, such as reverse engineering and output benchmarking (quality control).

Reverse Engineering

If a copy of an already existing object is needed, the shape of the component is translated to the 3D model using laser scanning and software. It is possible to analyse and duplicate the object either in its original form or it can be adjusted or adapted to new requirements.

Output Benchmarking

An object is scanned with laser and 3D model created on the basis of obtained data is compared with faultless project template. Differences between 3D models are expressed numerically and graphically. These values directly describe manufacturing quality and precision of the object.

Laser Scanning Accuracy and Output Formats

Modeling of engineering components requires high accuracy, that is why we perform a survey with reliable and accurate triangular (base) laser scanner. Standard deviation of the final model is no more than 50 µm (0.05 mm).

We provide services related to objects 3D scanning and modeling in one of standard CAD formats – OBJ, WRL or PLY, eventually in another format according to customers’ requirements. We do not perform consequent production or reproduction of components.