Aerial Photography and Video

Documentation of objects from bird’s-eye view, whether it is static in the form of digital aerial photography or dynamic in the form of aerial video, provides unique opportunity to record landscape, monuments, technical objects, process of construction, archaeological excavations or real estates over time with considerably higher information value than the one provided by ground records.

In case of convenient weather conditions we are able to survey concerned object within four working days, in less complicated cases even in two days. The resolution of our aerial photography is at least 16 Mpx.

Aerial Survey Options

Aerial photography and aerial video are taken from conventional airplanes and from UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). Devices such as multi-copter and fixed-wing aircraft are available. UAVs are used for surveys from altitude up to 300 meters (legal restriction). Low price of final aerial images and video and wide spectrum of use are the biggest advantages – the survey can be performed even in unsuitable weather conditions, for example if low cloud cover is present, as well as in interiors of buildings.

We have an experience with the use of UAVs and the acquisition of digital aerial images and videos since 2009 when the technology began to be used for civilian purposes. Our unmanned systems and pilot are registered by the Czech Civil Aviation Authority and insured against liability for damages that may arise from the operation of unmanned aircraft in the amount of 25 million CZK (≈ 25 275 041 Kč).

Panoramic aerial photography of Lahovice during floods (June 2013)

Advantages of Multi-Copter

  • hover in place
  • vertical start in limited space
  • inclined and vertical aerial photography and video
  • indoor flight (mainly in churches, cathedrals, temples and other spacious objects)

Advantages of UAV

  • vertical aerial photography and video of territories up to 5 km²
  • high-resolution vertical aerial photography

Technical Parameters of our Cameras for Aerial Photography

Camera No. 1
  • resolution – 16 megapixels
  • sensor dimensions – 17.3 × 13 mm
  • sensor type – CMOS
  • lenses
    • focal length 12 mm, lens speed f/2,0
    • focal length 14 – 42 mm, lens speed f/3,5 – f/5,6
  • output formats – RAW, JPG, TIF
Camera No. 2
  • resolution – 18 megapixels
  • sensor dimensions – 22.3 × 14.9 mm
  • sensor type – CMOS
  • lens – focal length 28 – 80 mm, lens speed f/3,5 – f/5,6
  • output formats – RAW, JPG, TIF