Panoramic Tours

Aerial Panorama

The aerial panorama provides a total view of the landscape within a 360-degree radius – like an actual lookout tower. We can also create interactive virtual tours of terrain, buildings, historical objects, industrial sites etc. We are able to do aerial panoramic imaging using drones, including the application and approval process of required permits. We hold a license to operate air works and our pilots have experience in various environments in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Ground Panorama

In addition to aerial virtual tours, we also create ground tours, which are used primarily in the virtual presentation of interiors. You can insert labels, maps, music, still photos, or documentation into virtual tour imaging and publish the work online or offline.

Use of panoramic tours:

  • presentation of company premises and interactive navigation
  • presentation of workplace interiors and facilities
  • presentation of real estate for real estate agencies
  • interactive presentation of historical objects
  • presentation of cities and municipalities

Where we have done panoramic tours?