Point Cloud

Point Cloud is the basic output of laser scanning. It is a set of millions of points measured by a laser scanner, defined by spatial coordinates (x, y, z) and optionally also information on the color and reflectivity of the material. The points describe all surfaces of measured objects, not just selected points, as in classical geodetic methods. The level of detail captured depends on the selected density/point interval (ex. 5 mm between points).

In Point Cloud we can perform measurements, views, and various analyses. The advantage is a wider range of further processing options, such as conversion to vector BIM or CAD model for design work.

Point Cloud drop-off options:

  • in standard software formats (.XYZ, .LAS, .E57 and others)
  • Autodesk Recap offline browser (allows measurement, slices, and other functions)
  • FARO Web Share online browser (allows panoramic display of individual scanning positions, measurements, and other functions)
  • Dotviewer online browser (allows measurement, cuts, and other functions)