G4D – 3D models and terrain laser scanning

3D Model: Archaeological Site Documentation

3D documentation of excavations at the square in Horažďovice was performed from an UAV. Just below the surface a large cemetery was revealed. Preserved skeletons and historical objects have been studied by archaeologists.

Recent Projects

Surveying and Laser Scanning in Makro Stodůlky

Complete 3D laser scanning of Makro wholesale center, starting with the selling space over facilities, machinery to the underground parking,…

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​Laser Scanning and As-Built 3D Models of Kladruby Monastery Facades

Measurement of selected facades was performed using aerial photogrammetry (resolution of 3 mm per pixel). At the same time, laser scanning of…

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Laser scanning of water distribution systems

A survey of a lesser building with water distribution systems was performed using the laser scanning. The result was a point cloud located in the…

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