Terms and Conditions for www.g4d.cz Users

1. General Terms

This website (hereinafter the “Server”) is ran by company G4D, s. r. o., Company ID: 241 34 716 (hereinafter the “Provider”). By using the Server or any content or materials published on Server, you agree to obey following conditions (hereinafter the “Terms & Conditions”) and their continuous amendments regardingless if you are or are not notified about these amendments. In case of using a determined service provided on the Server or available through the mediation of the Server, you are subordinate to rules and regulations related to the service, therefore the rules and regulations become a part of these Terms & Conditions.

User is obliged to read carefully these Terms & Conditions and to check in regular way if there are any updates. Server can be used only for activities that are compliant with valid laws of the Czech Republic and that are not in contradiction to Chart of Basic Rights and Liberties, moral and ethic code. Provider reserves right to change Terms & Conditions any time according to his consideration. Changing Terms & Conditions is valid and effective from the moment of publishing on the Server. In case that you wish to use the Server in any ways after the changes have been made by Provider, it will be considered as manifestation of your unconditional agreement with modified Terms & Conditions. In case that you do not agree with Terms & Conditions, you are not authorized to use the Server.

2. Website Content

  1. If not stated differently, information, materials (including HTML, texts, images, video files, service and product descriptions and other content) available on the Server or through its mediation (overall “G4D Materials”) are works protected by authorisation of the Provider or of those who provided it to the Provider in order to use. Entitlement to G4D Materials, including all the rights to intellectual property, belongs to the Provider and his providers. If not explicitly allowed in these Terms & Conditions, any use of G4D Materials outside the Server may harm copyright or other valid laws.
  2. Provider provides limited, revocable, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use Server and G4D Materials in such way that you view G4D Materials on your computer and download or print pages from Server only under condition that (i) this action serves strictly for your personal, educational or other non-commercial purposes, that (ii) you will neither change G4D Materials nor use them to create derived works, that (iii) you will not withhold, change or delete any information about copyrights mentioned in any part of Server or G4D Materials, that (iv) you will not reproduce, propagate or display in public in any other ways any information from G4D Materials and that (v) you will not copy any information from G4D Materials to any other media or save in different format. You are aware and you agree that Server content might have uncomfortable or offensive effect on you. Provider is not responsible for G4D Materials nor for any sort of mistakes or inaccuracies in it in any case. Provider has rights to innovate, add, delete or adjust services of Server in any way without prior notice.
  3. Third part’s products and services may me propagated or accessible on Server or via Server. Findings and guarantees concerning these products and services provided by third parts conform to conditions and statements of concerned third parts.Provider is not responsible for your commercial activities or contacts with third parts in any way.
  4. All the trademarks, service marks and logos listed on the Server are property of the Provider or of third parts and can not be used without prior explicit written agreement of the Provider or concerned third part that is its owner.
  5. Provider reserves all the rights concerning all the copyrights, trademarks, patents, business secrets and any other property rights related to the Server, its content and products and services that might be provided. Usage of rights and property of the Provider of the website requires Provider’s prior written agreement without which you have no right to any commercial use of the Server, G4D Materials or provided services.

3. Website Use

  1. Speaking of using the Server, you commit not to behave in a way that might be perceived as (i) outside the Code of basic human rights, moral and ethic code, (ii) threatening, harmful, insulting, molesting, haunting, following malice intentions, defaming, derogatory, vulgar, obscene, aggressive, undesirable, pornographic, rude, dehonesting or inappropriate in other ways, (iii) breaking copyrights and licences or interfering in other person’s privacy, (iv) created for purpose of interrupting or damaging functions of the Server or any provided service, (v) causing civil or criminal responsibility, (vi) discriminative, hateful or intolerant face to any group or individual, (vii) breaking valid laws of the Czech Republic.
  2. It is prohibited to use the Server for sending, publishing or mediating (i) of any kind of publicity, promotional material or offer concerning any products or services, (ii) software that contains harmful code, including viruses, worms, time bombs or trojan horses, or (iii) any content or services in a way that would require unrequested mail, chain letters, pyramid schemas or any other unauthorised forms or publicity or trade. You are not allowed to gather or obtain any information about other users or use applications created in order to obtain, index or „mine“ information from the Server. You are responsible for the fact that you do not harm any rights of third person by using the Server and for eventual damage caused to the Provider in case of provable intentional negligence or intentional illegal action from your side. Eventual damage is to be fully recompensated.

4. Disclaimers

You are aware and you agree that this Server and all G4D Materials are provided exclusively “as they are” and “as they can be accessed” and the Provider does not provide any guarantee that the Server or G4D Materials are complete, appropriate for your purposes and flawless. You agree that the Provider reserves right to regulate or interrupt Server’s work and providing of services in any moment, without notice and without any responsibility to your side, temporarily or permanently. Provider abandons any responsibility for up-to-date of the Server and G4D Materials, inaccuracy of information or its incorrect interpretation, information removal or failure in information upload.

You take all the risks related to using of this Server or G4D Materials. The Provider does not proclaim or guarantee that availability of any part of the Server will be persistent, that Server and G4D Materials will be flawless, up-to-date, safe, accurate and reliable.

You are aware and you agree that the Provider does not provide consulting of any kind and that advices or other information obtained from this Server can be used only on your own risk and that the Provider is not responsible for them in any way.

5. Limitations of Liability

You explicitly agree that the Provider does not take responsibility for any harms resulting from using the Server or impossibility of using the Server, including all direct, indirect, accidental or consequent harms including harms related to loss of employment, benefit, sales, data, reputation or other non-material loss resulting from valid laws of the Czech Republic, (i) costs for cost coverage or costs for acquisition of substitution goods or services that are a result of agreements dealt via the Server, (iii) unauthorised access to your data transfers or their changes, (iv) statement of any third person or action of third person by using the Server or (v) any other issue concerning the Server, even in case that the Provider was notified about possibility of these harms, without regard to law that is determinant while investigating if the harm was caused due to breaking a contract or a law or by negligence. You are not entitled to receive any eventual compensation for harm cause by (i) eventual non-functionality, non-availability or low availability of the Server, (ii) eventual information evasion from your user account or (iii) any other consequence of using the Server.

6. Privacy

Provider declares that he will take all possible and known actions in order to protect your data against unwarranted interference by a third person. Provider commits not to misuse information provided by user of the Server to any action that could probably harm the user.

7. Final Statements

Terms & Conditions represent a complete agreement of parts that are concerned by these Terms & Conditions. They replace all precedent Terms & Conditions published hereby. Any additional information, revisions or abandon of any regulation of these Terms & Conditions is valid only in written form and after Provider’s approval. These Terms & Conditions are valid and effective from the publishing date on the Server.

In case than any regulation of these Terms & Conditions is considered invalid or ineffective or in contradiction with law valid for any of the parts, it will be applied in maximal extent possible and it will be explained in order to express original intentions of parts in compliance with valid law, and it will be adjusted in order to be valid and enforceable. The other part of these Terms & Conditions will remain fully valid and effective.

Not claiming any of the rights arising from these Terms & Conditions by any part will not be considered as renunciation of the right by the part and concerned right will remain fully valid and effective. By using the Server, you understand that any right or dispute concerning the Server or related services must be raised within one year after inception of the right or dispute, otherwise the right or dispute will be time-barred, regardless of any laws.

These Terms & Conditions were published on the 1st October 2013.