3D laser scanning of buildings

We use modern laser scanning methods in the field of building surveying. We scan buildings of all sizes, from single-family houses to large complexes. We do not stop at architectural monuments, buildings to be renovated, but also logistics centres or modern office buildings, which we convert into BIM - building information models. 3D scanning is an accurate, fast and safe method of targeting complex spaces and also historical buildings, whose facades, roofs and interiors are made up of various structural and decorative elements. Thanks to 3D scanning, we can convert them into a single comprehensive model (digital twin) with minimal loss of dimensional and shape information.

Accurate data for your project

Accurate data for your project

  • scan to BIM - creating building information models
  • creation of project documentation in 2D, passporting of buildings
  • detailed documentation of the actual condition of the existing building - basis for reconstruction or as-built documentation of a new building
  • surveying of roof trusses, roofs and elements at height or underground spaces and complexes
  • preservation of accurate 3D digital copies of architectural monuments
  • measurement documentation for structural engineering
  • documents for architectural studies
  • documents for facility management, floor areas, cubatures
  • difference models, possibility of recording changes over time wih repeated scanning, e.g. during construction
  • scanning of film sets
  • models for online presentation, virtual tours, virtual and augmented reality, computer animation and 3D printing
Efficient and safe digitisation

Efficient and safe digitisation

  • high data acquisition speed (millions of points per second)
  • millimetre accuracy
  • non-selective data acquisition - captures all details at the selected resolution including curvatures, deflections and faults
  • non-contact sensing - no need to stay in hazardous areas or touch dangerous elements
  • non-destructive measurement safe for persons and objects to be measured
  • combination with aerial photogrammetry for photorealistic texture and capture of inaccessible parts in the exterior (roofs, facades, etc.)
  • possibility of combination with thermal imaging (heat leakage monitoring)
  • cheaper and faster construction (everything is designed according to the actual condition)
Bespoke digital outputs

Bespoke digital outputs

The great advantage of 3D scanning is the wide range of options for processing the output. They are created in specialized 2D and 3D software. The basis is the so-called point cloud, i.e. a set of millions of points with X, Y and Z coordinates, captured by a 3D scanner, usually at a resolution of 5 mm. This allows our experienced drafting team to work efficiently on construction drawings and BIM-ready models at the selected level of detail (LOD).